Solis account

As a UMC Utrecht staff member, teacher or student, your UMC Utrecht account gives you access to the University Library, so there is no need to apply for a Solis account for that. However, you do need a Solis account to access Osiris and Blackboard.

Logging into the University Library with a UMC Utrecht account

As a staff member or student of the UMC Utrecht you can access the University Library from your home with the login data of your UMC account. This University of Utrecht service is called 'Online access' and gives you access to the search systems, digital books and electronic journals of the University Library

Logging in via 'Online access'

To log in from outside the university go to Online access on the website of the University Library

Via the 'Direct login'link you can log in as a UMC staff member.


You also need a Solis account to use Blackboard.

Solis account for students

With a Solis account for students, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences and Clinical Health Sciences students and UMC Utrecht Academy students are given access to:

A Solis account consists of a name, the Solis ID and a Solis password.

Get Solis ID and Solis password

Forgotten password or change password

Solis account for teachers, employees and researchers

All those who provide academic education at the request of the UMC Utrecht are entitled to a Solis account. This Solis account provides access to information systems of Utrecht University, such as Surfspot and Blackboard.

Request a Solis account
(only UMC Utrecht staff members)

After processing by Utrecht University you will receive an email sent by Utrecht University to your work emailaccount containing the login details. 

Solis support