Research healthcare innovation & technology

Healthcare is facing major challenges. Within Nursing Scinece we aim at participatory development and evaluation of innovative eHealth interventions that are effective, safe and reproducible, and in which maximum reliability and validity is guaranteed. Each process starts with a elaborate theory identification, is iterative and involves end-users in each step thereby safeguarding that each step adds essential knowledge needed to develop an intervention that is both attractive for its users and has an optimal likelihood for success. 

Scientific engineering/Applab

Applab  is a our innovation platform whereby state of the art user-centered engineering principles are combined with scientific methodology througout  the whole  development process.  Within Applab, this scientific engineering is conducted in a  well controlled (lab) environment  involving end-users, scientists, health-specific experts  and engineers  (ICT and creative industry). 
  • Research projects, PI's and PhD students