dr. C. (Coen) Maas

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  • Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology

dr. C. (Coen) Maas

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Cold-induced urticarial autoinflammatory syndrome related to factor XII activation

Scheffel Jörg, Mahnke Niklas A, Hofman Zonne L M, Maat Steven de, Wu Jim, Bonnekoh Hanna, Pengelly Reuben J, Ennis Sarah, Holloway John W, Kirchner Marieluise, Mertins Philipp, Church Martin K, Maurer Marcus, Maas Coen, Krause Karoline 10 jan 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11 14 p.

Nomenclature of factor XI and the contact system

Schmaier Alvin H, Emsley Jonas, Feener Edward P, Gailani David, Govers-Riemslag José W P, Kaplan Allen P, Maas Coen, Morrissey James H, Renné Thomas, Sidelmann Johannes J, Meijers Joost C M 1 dec 2019, In: Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH. 17 , p. 2216-2219 4 p.

A head-to-head comparison of conjugation methods for VHHs:Random maleimide-thiol coupling versus controlled click chemistry

van Moorsel Marc V.A., Urbanus Rolf T., Verhoef S., Koekman C. A., Vink Maurice, Vermonden T., Maas Coen, Pasterkamp Gerard, Schiffelers Raymond M. 1 dec 2019, In: International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X. 1

Heparin Forms Polymers with Cell-free DNA Which Elongate Under Shear in Flowing Blood

de Vries Joost C, Barendrecht Arjan D, Clark Chantal C, Urbanus Rolf T, Boross Peter, de Maat Steven, Maas Coen 1 dec 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9

Hereditary Angioedema:Insights into inflammation and allergy

Maas Coen, López-Lera Alberto aug 2019, In: Molecular Immunology. 112 , p. 378-386 9 p.

Design and characterization of alpha 1-antitrypsin variants for treatment of contact system-driven thromboinflammation

De Maat Steven, Sanrattana Wariya, Mailer Reiner K., Parr Naomi M.J., Hessing Martin, Koetsier Robert M., Meijers Joost C.M., Pasterkamp Gerard, Renné Thomas, Maas Coen 31 jul 2019, In: Blood. 134 , p. 1658-1669 12 p.

High occurrence of antihistamine resistance in patients with recurrent idiopathic angioedema

Hofman Zonne L.M., Van West Nikki, Hack C. Erik, Knulst André C., Maas Coen, Röckmann Heike 12 jul 2019, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 9 5 p.

Plasminflammation-An Emerging Pathway to Bradykinin Production

Maas Coen 1 jan 2019, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 10 7 p.

SERPINs-From Trap to Treatment

Sanrattana Wariya, Maas Coen, de Maat Steven 2019, In: Frontiers in medicine. 6 8 p.

Factor XII truncation accelerates activation in solution

De Maat S, Clark C C, Boertien M, Parr N, Sanrattana W, Hofman Z L M, Maas C 5 nov 2018, In: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 17 , p. 183-194 12 p.

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