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Pretreatment ADC is not a prognostic factor for local recurrences in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma when clinical T-stage is known

Peltenburg Boris, Driessen Juliette P, Vasmel Jeanine E, Pameijer Frank A, Janssen Luuk M, Terhaard Chris H J, de Bree Remco, Philippens Marielle E P 1 feb 2020, In: European Radiology. 30 , p. 1228-1231 4 p.

Digital pathology-aided assessment of tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes in advanced stage, HPV-negative head and neck tumors

de Ruiter Emma J, de Roest Reinout H, Brakenhoff Ruud H, Leemans C René, de Bree Remco, Terhaard Chris H J, Willems Stefan M 24 jan 2020, In: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 69 , p. 581-591 11 p.

18F-FDG-PET/CT-based treatment planning for definitive (chemo)radiotherapy in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma improves regional control and survival

van den Bosch Sven, Doornaert Patricia A H, Dijkema Tim, Zwijnenburg Ellen M, Verhoef Lia C G, Hoeben Bianca A W, Kasperts Nicolien, Smid Ernst J, Terhaard Chris H J, Kaanders Johannes H A M jan 2020, In: Radiotherapy & Oncology. 142 , p. 107-114 8 p.

Targeted Intervention to Improve the Quality of Head and Neck Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning in the Netherlands:Short and Long-Term Impact

Verbakel Wilko F A R, Doornaert Patricia A H, Raaijmakers Cornelis P J, Bos Luc J, Essers Marion, van de Kamer Jeroen B, Dahele Max, Terhaard Chris H J, Kaanders Johannes H A M 1 nov 2019, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 105 , p. 514-524 11 p.

MRI Response Assessment during Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Peltenburg B., Philippens M., de Bree R., Terhaard C. 1 sep 2019, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 105 , p. E740-E741

Prevalence and clinical and psychological correlates of high fear of cancer recurrence in patients newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer

Mirosevic Spela, Thewes Belinda, van Herpen Carla, Kaanders Johannes, Merkx Thijs, Humphris Gerry, Baatenburg de Jong Robert J., Langendijk Johannes A., Leemans C. René, Terhaard Chris H.J., Verdonck-de Leeuw Irma M., Takes Robert, Prins Judith, sep 2019, In: Head and Neck. 41 , p. 3187-3200 14 p.

Advancing interdisciplinary research in head and neck cancer through a multicenter longitudinal prospective cohort study:the NETherlands QUality of life and BIomedical Cohort (NET-QUBIC) data warehouse and biobank

Verdonck-de Leeuw I M, Jansen F, Brakenhoff R H, Langendijk J A, Takes R, Terhaard C H J, Baatenburg de Jong R J, Smit J H, Leemans C R 5 aug 2019, In: BMC Cancer. 19

MR-guidance in clinical reality:Current treatment challenges and future perspectives

Corradini S., Alongi F., Andratschke N., Belka C., Boldrini L., Cellini F., Debus J., Guckenberger M., Hörner-Rieber J., Lagerwaard F. J., Mazzola R., Palacios M. A., Philippens M. E.P., Raaijmakers C. P.J., Terhaard C. H.J., Valentini V., Niyazi M. 3 jun 2019, In: Radiation Oncology. 14 , p. 92

Assessment of Neurocognitive Impairment and Speech Functioning Before Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Piai Vitoria, Prins Judith B., Verdonck-de Leeuw Irma M., Leemans C. Rene, Terhaard Chris H. J., Langendijk Johannes A., de Jong Robert J. Baatenburg, Smit Johannes H., Takes Robert P., Kessels Roy P. C. mrt 2019, In: JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery. 145 , p. 251-257 7 p.

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