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Teaching Scholars Program

For experienced teachers who aspire a career in education

The Teaching Scholars Program is aimed at experienced teachers in medical or healthcare education. The annual intake for this program in september is six teachers from the UMC Utrecht. If you are an experienced university education teacher in possession of a senior teaching qualification and want to gain more in-depth knowledge of education, then the Teaching Scholars Program might be something for you.

Objective and study load

Final objective

The program aims to provide teachers who pursue a career in education with more in-depth insight into their field. Participants in this program will acquire more in-depth knowledge of one or more topics as well as acquainting themselves with the most important subjects in medical didactics (such as curriculum development, testing, teaching methods, workplace learning, evaluation, educational technology, skills & simulation, etc.).

Study load and support

The program demands of the participants that they:

  • Are available for one day per week for two years (20 ECTS or 600 hours)
  • Participate in the sixteen monthly group meetings over two years in which important medical didactics topics are discussed.

Additionally, participants will receive support in conducting their own project resulting in a presentation and publication in an international context.


Subject to sufficient attendance and completion:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education

This degree is not legally protected, but it can help one’s career in education and can be included in one’s CV. Teaching diplomas like this are increasingly recognized on the international stage and acknowledged as career milestones.


  • Prof. Dr. Th.J.ten Cate
  • Dr. M. Wijnen-Meijer

Information and enrollment

For whom is the program intended?

The program aims to provide teachers who pursue a career in education with more in-depth insight into their field.

Prerequisites for participation

  • Participants possess at least a Basic Teaching Qualification,
  • preferably also a Senior Teaching Qualification.


€ 2.000,- per year


For more information please contact us:


The two-year program has a cyclic nature and accepts new participants in September of each year. 

Applications and intake interviews can take place any time of the year. 

Please contact Manon Sakkers if you want to enroll:


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