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dr. H.L. (Helen) Torrance

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Reply:The low responder according to the POSEIDON criteria: is the prognosis really poor?

Leijdekkers Jori A, Torrance Helen L, Broekmans Frank Jm 22 nov 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 2557-2558 2 p.

Septum resection in women with a septate uterus: a cohort study

Rikken J. F., Verhorstert K. W., Emanuel M. H., Kuchenbecker W. K., Jansen F. W., Torrenga B., Schols W. A., Verhoeve H. R., Hoek A., Clark T. J., Stephenson M., Mol B. W., Van der Veen F., Van Wely M., Goddijn M., Bongers M. Y., van der Steeg J. W., Janssen I. A. H., Kapiteijn K., Torrance H. L., Huirne J. A. F., Nieboer T. E., van Rooij I. A., Robinson L. jul 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 25-25

Cumulative live birth rates in low-prognosis women

Leijdekkers Jori A, Eijkemans Marinus J C, van Tilborg Theodora C, Oudshoorn Simone C, van Golde Ron J T, Hoek Annemieke, Lambalk Cornelis B, de Bruin Jan Peter, Fleischer Kathrin, Mochtar Monique H, Kuchenbecker Walter K H, Laven Joop S E, Mol Ben Willem J, Torrance Helen L, Broekmans Frank J M, 1 jun 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 1030-1041 12 p.

Do female age and body weight modify the effect of individualized FSH dosing in IVF/ICSI treatment?:A secondary analysis of the OPTIMIST trial

Leijdekkers Jori A, van Tilborg Theodora C, Torrance Helen L, Oudshoorn Simone C, Brinkhuis Egbert A, Koks Carolien A M, Lambalk Cornelis B, de Bruin Jan Peter, Fleischer Kathrin, Mochtar Monique H, Kuchenbecker Walter K H, Laven Joop S E, Mol Ben Willem J, Broekmans Frank J M, Eijkemans Marinus J C, 24 mei 2019, In: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 98 , p. 1332-1340 9 p.

Evaluation of the Elecsys ® anti-Müllerian hormone assay for the prediction of hyper-response to controlled ovarian stimulation with a gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonist protocol.

Anckaert Ellen, Denk Barbara, He Ying, Torrance Helen L., Broekmans Frank, Hund Martin 1 mei 2019, In: European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology. 236 , p. 133-138 6 p.

Endometrial scratching prior to IVF; does it help and for whom?:A systematic review and meta-analysis

van Hoogenhuijze NE, Kasius J.C., Broekmans FJM, Bosteels Jan, Torrance HL 29 jan 2019, In: Human Reproduction Open. 2019

Accurate prediction of the irrelevant remains irrelevant

Torrance H L, Broekmans F J M, Mol B W J 11 jan 2019, In: Human Reproduction. 34 , p. 584–585 2 p.

SCRaTCH trial maakt balans op voor endometrium scratching

Torrance HL 2019, In: Fertifocus. 2 , p. 6-7

Does endometrial scratching increase the rate of spontaneous conception in couples with unexplained infertility and a good prognosis (Hunault > 30%)?:Study protocol of the SCRaTCH-OFO trial: a randomized controlled trial

Bui B N, Torrance H L, Janssen C, Cohlen B, de Bruin J P, den Hartog J E, van der Linden P J Q, Deurloo K L, Maas J W M, van Oppenraaij R, Cantineau A, Lambalk C B, Visser H, Brinkhuis E, van Disseldorp J, Schoot B C, Lardenoije C, van Wely M, Eijkemans M J C, Broekmans F J M 29 dec 2018, In: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 18

The end for individualized dosing in IVF ovarian stimulation?: Reply to letters-to-the-editor regarding the OPTIMIST papers

Van Tilborg T. C., Torrance H. L., Oudshoorn S. C., Eijkemans M. J.C., Mol B. W., Broekmans F. J.M. 1 mei 2018, In: Human Reproduction. 33 , p. 984-988 5 p.

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