Infection and Immunity nieuws

Apr 23: Derailment of the immune system in COVID-19 provides handle for treatment

Crowdfunding has started at UMC Utrecht for a study to provide more insight into the immune system of patients with COVID-19. This allows doctors to better predict the severity of the infection and the disease course per individual patient. On the basis of this, they can also treat patients with the best available medicine, aimed at preventing further damage.

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Apr 16: Model calculates effect of various corona exit scenarios

As soon as steps are taken to slowly come out of the corona lockdown, it is important to be able to predict the effects of those steps. UMC Utrecht professor of epidemiology Mirjam Kretzschmar and her group have developed a calculation model that can help with this.

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Apr 16: What is the effect of the TB vaccine on corona in the elderly?

Can a tuberculosis vaccine reduce the risk of acquiring a coronavirus infection or reduce the severity of symptoms? UMC Utrecht is investigating this together with Radboudumc. A similar study with the TB vaccine was recently started in health care workers. The second study now starts with the effect in people over sixty years. 1600 elderly people can participate in the study.

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