CYTOmegalovirus-infections: a threat for Vaccinations In The Elderly?

SPR (Strategic program RIVM) grant
PI: Debbie van Baarle, total indirect costst 716.800 euro
Major goals: -study the rol of CMV-infections on vaccination responsiveness and identify biomarkers associated with (CMV-induced) ageing and the mechanism underlying these.

2015-2019 24/7 Health

Impact of the 24/7 economy on our Health: Towards an evidence-based lifestyle and vaccination strategy

SPR grant (RIVM)
PI: Karin Proper (VPZ), co-PI: Debbie van Baarle (IIV), Wendy Rodenburg (GZB), costs 901.000 euro
Major goals: Studying the mechanisms involved in body weight gain and susceptibility to infectious diseases in mouse and human models of shiftwork in order to develop evidence-based interventions and optimise vaccination strategies

2015-2019  HORDE

The gut microbiome: a crucial factor in determining the host response

SPR grant (RIVM)
PI: Debbie van Baarle, in collaboration with Z&O, IDS, EPI, TNO, UMCU
Total indirect costst: 992.600
Major goals: Study gut microbiota composition as well as the associated resistome, and unravel its role in 1) immune response development and 2) microbial antibiotic resistance.


2019-2023 VITAL

Vaccines and InfecTious diseases in the Ageing popuLation

IMI-H2020 grant
PI: Debbie van Baarle and WP2 lead
Total indirect costs: 12 million euro (including inkind by EFPIA partners)
WP2: 3 million euro
RIVM part: 1,9 million euro
Major goal: To (1) identify and build vaccination strategies that can effectively protect the ageing population, by improving their vaccination immune response based on deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying immune decline in the elderly, (2) visualize the burden and potential direct or indirect downstream effects of infectious disease that necessitates vaccines, (3) present scenarios on efficiency of vaccine implementation through modelling exercises (inclusive cost-effectiveness from various perspectives), and (4) enable persuasive communication on the results and the solutions proposed from our research to those concerned and how to move a vaccination programme for elderly forward.

2019-2021 COMPLEXA

COMbined Patterns of Lifelong EXposures and healthy Ageing

SPR (Strategic program RIVM) grant
PI: Debbie van Baarle and Monique Verschuren, total indirect costst 1.064.000 euro
Major goals: Develop tools to study the role of Lifelong Exposures on immune system heterogeneity and disease outcome/ healthy ageing.